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Words have always been a source of my strength. My written words were the salve to my wounds; my spoken words helped connect me to others. Learning how to use words to incite change has been transformative.

When I first started public speaking, I worked with a coach who taught me stage presence, how to build a slide deck (which is still my least favorite part of the process), and how to structure a talk. I went to a well-known speaking group that picked apart all the flaws by counting my mistakes and spending time critiquing, which didn't feel great. Let's be honest — even constructive criticism can still be tough to receive. Rather than feeling empowered, I felt small and stupid and not good enough.

The question, "who am I to speak on these topics?" came up a LOT.

Sound familiar?

If you are emphatically nodding,
keep reading.

Sound Familiar?

If you are emphatically nodding,
keep reading.

In The Before Times (also known as February 2020)

A friend invited me to hear her practice her TEDx Talk  at her speaking circle and that evening can be described as nothing short of magical. We danced, we journaled, we shared our ideas in a way that felt natural and honored feminine wisdom. I left feeling this buzz of energy that I could not get enough of. I joined a WomanSpeak circle that month and have met so many women along the way who, like me, have something they really want to say in the world, but they might not know how to say it, or feel like they aren’t the one to say it, or they are terrified of saying it to a broader audience. The deeper I dove into learning the WomanSpeak practices, the more compelled I became to give this gift to others.

I stepped back into student mode and became a Licensed Circle Leader and Coach.

"I want you to realize your voice matters."

1:1 Coaching Services

Who I Work With

In addition to sharing my own stories, I am passionate about helping other women learn how to find power in theirs.


What you have to say in this world matters, and I can help you learn to say it in the way that is uniquely yours.

Whether it’s speaking up in the board room, or giving a talk at a conference, or delivering a statement to the court, I can help you get out of your head, into your body and let the power of your words shine through.

Teams & Organizations

One of the most common places that women struggle to own the power of their voices is in the workplace. Up until about 70 years ago, women didn’t generally have jobs outside the home. We went to university to learn how to be homemakers. And when we did join the workforce, if we wanted to be taken seriously, we were taught to be more masculine — power suits, firm handshakes, and be aggressive (but not too aggressive).

There’s room in every organization for masculine and feminine energy. When there’s a balance of both, organizations tend to be more successful and have happier teams.

I offer a variety of programs for teams of women. Learn how to share your ideas, be influential, and more! 

Coming Soon

I’m currently completing my speaker coach certification with WomanSpeak. When that is complete, I will be available to coach you on an individual basis on a variety of topics:

Public Speaking Delivery Learn and practice the basics of public speaking, including getting into your body and trusting the power of what you have to say.

Thought Leadership Branding Get clear on your Diamond Insight – the most important message you want to share with the world.

Develop a Talk Whether it’s for a conference or you plan to hop up on the TEDx stage, we will work together to create a talk that has impact.

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