WomanSpeak Circles

Your voice has the power to change the world.

You don’t have to have a goal of delivering a keynote speech to have a desire to use your voice. It’s not about speaking without umms and ahhs and awkward pauses. It’s about learning how to harness the power of the fear of speaking to unleash your truth and inner wisdom.

As a Licensed WomanSpeak circle leader, it is not my goal to make you a perfect public speaker. My goal is to guide you in learning how to use your voice.

Whether you use your voice to speak up in court, feel empowered in meetings, or simply persuade your child to clean up after themselves for the eleven.millionth.time., my goal is to help you feel confident in doing so.

I’ll be launching WomanSpeak circles in September. In the meantime, I’ll be hosting a few introductory circles in June, July, and August to get a feel for the WomanSpeak curriculum and experience. These will be hosted both online and in the Denver Metro area.

More to come.