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Hi there! I'm writer, speaker, and activist Eunice Brownlee. I've been advocating for

If you were to put other labels on who I am, I'm a solo mom to a teenage daughter, Taurus Sun, Leo Rising, Enneagram Two, ENFP, Eldest Child of divorced parents, and a survivor of abuse.

Here is my blog where I share all my thoughts and resources surrounding motherhood,

I'd love to hear your story too! I invite you to leave comments on any posts that you connect with, or contact me directly.

"We don’t know where we'll be in a week or in a month. We do what we want for as long as we want, always trying out new experiences."

My philosophy

My philosophy

I was inspired to tell my story so that more women would feel empowered to tell theirs. Together, we can inspire change so that we can end the cycle of abuse in our families. 

A corrugated box is taped closed and sits atop a desk in a darkened room.

on my terms.

I never saw it coming if I’m going to be totally honest. There was nothing to indicate that this day was going to be different

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a wooden hourglass on a white tabletop in front of a white brick wall.


The court process is not quick. In fact, the wheels of justice turn very slowly. Just when you think that you’re moving forward, something else will halt the process. It is very frustrating and exhausting. This poem reflects how I felt during my five months in court.

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losing my religion.

I was 13 the first time I questioned my faith. The previous year, I had spent several months in confirmation classes learning all about the

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life itself.

I would like to meet the person for whom this pandemic has not been an utter mind fuck. Really. I would. The past almost eight

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from the victim seat.

I never expected that being a victim of a crime (or in our case, advocating on behalf of a juvenile victim, my daughter) would be

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