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I’ve thought about my identity my entire life, always confused at how to define it. I’m a mish mash of things and people are always surprised about a few when they learn more about who I am. These are my favorites.

I like country music. I credit that to my high school boyfriend, who listened to it almost exclusively, but eventually, it grew on me. When I got married years later, “Breathe” by Faith Hill was the song my husband and I recognized as our song—in spite of his hardcore dedication to all things grunge, he said the words spoke to him so deeply and described exactly how he felt about me.

I enjoy going to the theater. This probably has to do with my love of music, but some of my best memories are those where we would get dressed to the nines and go to the symphony. My favorite is still getting to see Bill Conti conducting the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra in a John Williams medley performance when I was 12.

I love box lacrosse. I have always been a sports person, so when I attended my first major league lacrosse game, I expected to enjoy myself. I did not expect to fall in love. I love the loud and rowdy vibe and a pace similar to hockey, but these Canadians still have (most of) their teeth. Eli McLaughlin is my stud.

I like the rodeo. This probably has something to do with watching TJ Fryar, one of my first crushes, attempt his first 8 second ride when I was 11 years old. I’m not sure. But take me to the rodeo and I’m a happy gal. I also love the smell of the barn.

I can get down with hip hop. I’m no Kris Kross, but I can bust a move that makes me proud. I even got called out by a DJ at work when I was 8 months pregnant. I was breaking down the Roger Rabbit for my teenage crew in the middle of a wedding.

I love food. I once wanted to be a chef until I learned that the rate of failure for restaurants is ridiculously high. I still appreciate great meal and nothing (yet) has topped my dinner with my friend Pam at Seven Lions in Chicago, which I’m sad to say, no longer exists.

I pursued a degree in biophysics. I begrudgingly got stuck taking physics in high school when my favorite biology teacher retired and his class was canceled. It quickly became my favorite subject and I wanted to study it forever. And then an 8 am calculus class was my undoing.

Our experiences make up so much of who we become, it’s hard to deny any of it. It I’m always amused when I share these tidbits with people and the response I get is surprise. I never really thought much of any of them, or what the surprise was rooted in.

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