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lessons from the running trail.

Tonight, after filming my intro video for The Break Changer Summer Reset, I was inspired to hit the trail for an evening run. Okay, the idea was more along the lines of a quick jog, but I’ve been trying to be more active and stop making excuses, so I put on my (super old and probably horrible for me) running shoes and headed out to the trail behind my house. 

Instead of a refreshing jog through the tree-lined hidden oasis in the city, I had a few little epiphanies that hit me. 

  1. 5 miles is a long freaking way on foot. Even when you cut it in half and you realize you’re two and a half miles from home, it can either be depressing or inspiring when you realize that you’re two and a half miles from home. 
  2. You can’t take 367 days off from running and expect to pick up where you left off. I think this lesson speaks for itself, but let’s just say that if they gave out merits for personal worst—#nailedit
  3. Don’t judge yourself by the guy keeping pace with someone on a bike. At least you’re going faster than the pregnant lady who looks like she’s going to pop any second. 
  4. Letting Spotify play music to your pace is the coolest thing ever. Until you realize that most of the music you’re hearing are slow jams and you can’t seem to pick up the pace enough to inspire some JT to save your life. 

All in all, it was a moderately nice break from my evening habit, but I have a feeling I’m going to be hurting tomorrow. 

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