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quaker flats. 

IMG_2993.JPGI haven’t always loved oats. There was a time when I was a kid that my mom made homemade oatmeal, but we didn’t have all the fixin’s to dress it up the way I liked. And they were overcooked and soggy. So I refused to eat them. And she refused to let me waste food, so I had to sit at the kitchen table for hours (it was probably 20 minutes, but when you’re a kid, time seems to be infinite), staring at that bowl of soggy oats until they became cold, rubbery oats. And I still had to eat them. To say I was scarred for life would be a bit of an overstatement, but since that day, I’ve always been weird about oat-related foods.

But when I got the opportunity to try Quaker Breakfast Flats, I thought about how much I suck at breakfast. Loaded with dietary fiber, oats are known to help lower the risk of heart disease and cholesterol, among other things. All that good fiber aids digestion and helps control blood sugars too. In other words, oats are super good for you. Why am I not eating oats every day? I’ll save my thoughts on that for another post.

These oatmeal bars aren’t what you’d expect. I was thinking it would be like some sort of a cross between a Nutri-Grain bar and a granola bar. But instead, the breakfast flats are more like an oatmeal cookie cracker. Which is to say that they are totally delish. Light and crispy, these are the perfect mid-morning snack or a good post-gym pick me up.

For other ways I’ve found to get more oats into my diet, check out my ode to oats board on Pinterest. While you’re in the cereal aisle grabbing your Breakfast Flats, grab some oatmeal and try overnight oats too.

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