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http://www.breaktheground.eventbrite.com I have always been the queen procrastinator — it’s like my life is one perpetual snooze button. I was the one that would spend my college nights in the library doing research for months, but when it came time to writing the actual paper, I generally started it after dinner the night before it was due. I am full of ideas. In fact, among my massive collection of journals, I have one dedicated specifically to ideas.

It’s the execution that I struggle with though. How do I know which idea to get started on? Where do I start? Is this the right direction?

And then the overwhelm and self doubt creeps in and the excuses start flowing.

  • I don’t have the money to fund this.
  • I’m too busy.
  • This doesn’t fit into my other plans.
  • I’m tired.
  • No one is going to support me in this.
  • I should just get a real job.
  • What if I fail? (More on that later this week.)
  • There’s just too much to do! I have no idea where to start.

Some of my most ridiculous excuses were, “I don’t like the weather today.” and “Maybe after I do the laundry.” Which, anyone that knows me knows how much I loathe laundry, so that is basically putting out into the universe that I will never do it.

I really could keep the list going. I could. And so can you. And tomorrow comes and goes, and the next thing you know, you still have that idea, sitting on a shelf collecting dust. And more ideas get added to the shelf, then the shelf gets overcrowded, and some of the little ideas slip down the crack in the back and fall behind the furniture and get lost for a while.

The problem with procrastination is that we can only learn by doing, not by thinking about doing.

What would it look like if you took just one of those ideas off the shelf and dug in?

I am super excited and honored to have been asked by my dear friend Brit to be a Change Agent for the latest edition of The Break Changer.® See, Brit has been ruminating on this very thing. She’s been wanting to know what the next social experiment looks like – what does it look like when we do the things we dream of doing? How much easier will it be to move forward if we just stop making excuses and start doing? What will that feel like?

We can stop wondering and start doing. Join us for 30 days and get started on your One Thing. Register today!* I even have a special offer for my blog readers. Take $50 off your registration fee with code YES-EUNICE at checkout. So what are you waiting for? Please join us and let’s stop dreaming and start doing!

Not sure what to choose for your One Thing? Take 60 seconds to figure it out. Please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments section and I’ll answer you either privately or publicly, whichever you prefer.

*Disclosure: As a Change Agent, I am not receiving monetary compensation for anyone who chooses to register for this workshop. I have received a discount on my own registration in exchange for promoting the event to my network.

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